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Achieving better negotiation outcomes

Published: Mar 12 , 2019
Author: Jayant Bhat

Most people I meet look for ways to achieve better results through negotiations. Using a college exam analogy, they want to move from, lets say, a 70% score to 90%.

Negotiations are like an exam. Failure to prepare is preparing for failure! The problem is that negotiations are like an open book exam – lots of pages, lots of things to cover and not sure where to start.

If there is one thing you want to do – it is to be clear about your objectives. What is it you want to achieve? Not being clear on the outcomes is like getting into a taxi and not sure where you want to go. The taxi ride will unlikely result in the quickest or lowest cost outcome.

Many people go into a meeting not sure about what they want. Be clear about the variables you want to negotiate e.g. price, delivery, warranty, payment terms etc. Set a realistic goal for each variable. Prioritize the variables – which is most important, which is less – where you can be prepared to be flexible and where you cannot.

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