Negotiation Skills Open Program (Oct 15 - 16, 2019)

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Program dates - October - 15 , 16 2019
Location - Mumbai

Improve and significantly enhance the negotiating skill level and the negotiating performance of the participants. The Scotwork course is based upon our insight that all negotiations have an underlying structure - the “8 Step Approach” and that there are a number of simple skills which, if developed, can lead to significantly improved performance. Attend this session to gain the competitive edge.


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The Power of Adjournments

Anjana – a sales leader with an IT firm – is busy preparing for negotiations with a large bank on renewing her firm’s contract with them. Given it is a decent sized deal, Anjana has been preparing for these negotiations over the last several days by interlocking with the account delivery teams, getting buy-ins from the senior leadership & CFO on commercials, getting a handle on the likely strategies from the competition etc. It is no surprise, given the rigour of her preparation, that Anjana was feeling confident about her meeting with the Client CIO.

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