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Mine all mine

Tom Feinson

How often is a deal done that all parties are initially happy with but subsequently circumstances appear to make it favour one party over another? Is there a moral obligation to change the terms of the agreement or is a deal a deal?

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What did I just agree to, again?

Ellis Croft

One area of negotiation that can end up being frequently overlooked is agreement. In other words, the specific terms and conditions parties are binding themselves to in the contract that the negotiation will produce. For some (including for many y...

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Back off! - Dealing with bullies and aggressive behaviour

David Bannister

When we ask people on our training courses which negotiating situation they find most challenging they often tell us it involves aggressive behaviour and dealing with bullies.

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When you let “the boss” get involved in the negotiation when they are not prepared

John McMillan

This story is from Politico political website in 2021, when Boris Johnston was king. He got involved in a negotiation which was not his remit. Ever keen to show that Brexit benefits were more than just being able to buy our vegetables…

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